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Porto Recanati: photo description (Porto Recanati)

Porto Recanati is a refined tourist resort located on Italy's Adriatic coast in the Marche region. This is one of the most popular among Italian seaside resorts, the beaches which in the spring and summer crowded. Every year there are show the air force of Italy. Moreover, Porto Recanati is famous for its huge number of small restaurants and trattorias, which are mostly family businesses. In these establishments you can always enjoy the freshest seafood - lobster, squid and perch. And the most famous local dish is "brodetto di Porto Recanati", fish soup, recipes of which there are only four, they treat all tourists.

The nature of Porto Recanati amazing: the city lies on the shore of the sea, and behind it rises the picturesque Monte Conero. The local beaches are regularly awarded the prestigious Blue flag, which confirms the quality. The whole promenade of Porto Recanati is completely pedestrian, and has long been favored by residents and visitors to the city as a meeting place and walks.

As for attractions in Porto Recanati is, first of all, to examine the Castello Svevo, standing on the main square of the city and was built for protection against pirate raids. In the southern part of the city is the archaeological site there in Roman times the city settled down Sweating, which to have survived a few buildings. Near Porto Recanati, in the Valle di Scossicci, stands an unusual Catholic Church with a weathercock according to legend, it was built on the very spot where some time was the Holy House, now kept in the Basilica in Loreto. Finally, it is noteworthy the ancient Abbey of Santa Maria, which is still in the 12th century founded by the crusaders.