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Poetto: photos, description (Poetto)

Poetto is the main and most popular beach of Cagliari. It stretches for 8 km from Sella del Diavolo (Saddle of the Devil) to the coast of Quartu Sant'elena. The same name - Poetto is a city quarter located on the Western tip between the beach and saline di Molentargius.

Probably the name of the beach comes from the Aragonese tower of Poets Torre del Poetto, which is still visible above the Sella del Diavolo. According to another version, the name "Poetto" is derived from the Catalan word "poet - well, and recalls the numerous wells, rasseyannykh on the territory of the Sella del Diavolo for the collection of rainwater.

Until the beginning of the 20th century Poetto was not particularly popular among the inhabitants of Cagliari, who preferred to rest on the West coast of the Gulf on the beaches of Sa Portixeddu and Georgina. Only in 1920-ies of the sandy white dunes of Poetto recognized, and here was built the first kurinye area (Lido and D'aquila), bars and even a hospital (OSPEDALE Marino). Then there were the first "casotti" - colored wood design, which is a mix between the cabanas and the sea cabin. Unfortunately, in 1986-m to year all casotti was demolished for safety reasons. The destruction of casotti, a huge number of tourists and lack of erosion has led to the fact that in 1990-ies the coastline of Poetto was subjected to erosion.

In 2002-m to year in order to prevent the disappearance of the beach, was organized by campaign for land reclamation: sand from the seabed were drained and dumped on the beach. Unfortunately, the result was not exactly as expected - instead of the fine white sand of Poetto was filled with sand of a different color and consistency.

Despite that Poetto is a favorite place of recreation for residents and guests of Cagliari. From June to September, there are musical groups, dancing under the open sky, dance shows, etc. Also there are playgrounds for beach volleyball, soccer and football.