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Principina a Mare: photo description (Principina a Mare)

Principina a Mare is a seaside resort that is part of the commune of Grosseto in the province of Tuscany. The center of this tiny town, empty in winter, consists primarily of houses of holidaymakers, high-end hotels and camping sites average. Tourists are attracted by the proximity of the mouth of the river Ombrone and the natural Park of Maremma, famous for its beaches and unspoiled nature. The greatest number of tourists arrives in Principina a Mare in July and August, especially during Ferragosto is an Italian national holiday. Basically, tourists from Lombardia and Veneto and also from the Central regions of Tuscany, but there are also foreigners - the Dutch, the Austrians, the Germans and the Swiss. The latter are especially numerous in June and September.

Coast Principina a Mare is characterized by "Maremma wild beaches, which sometimes spill over into a swampy territory the mouth of the river Ombrone. This area is known as Palude della Trappola, scattered around the Torre Trappola - the ancient medieval fortress built to collect salt. Once in these places there were extensive salt works, which eventually disappeared completely. Near the tower you can see the chapel of Santa Maria della Trappola, and outside of this swampy area is another chapel, the Chapel of Strillaie. It is located on a farm near the road Strada della Trappola.

Wetlands Tripoli is the ideal place for lovers birdwatching (bird watching), because there is a huge number of wintering bird species. Recently, we developed a special tourist route, which runs along part of the territory of the natural Park of Maremma.