/ / Natural Park of the Apuan Alps: photos, description (Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane)

Natural Park of the Apuan Alps: photos, description (Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane)

The natural Park of the "Apuan Alps" is situated on the territory of the Italian region of Tuscany - it stretches for 60 km along the Tyrrhenian sea coast and occupies part of the municipalities of Versilia, Lunigiana and Garfagnana. This is one of the most interesting mountain ranges in Italy is not only the variety of landscapes and the richness of species of flora and fauna. In addition, here you can find traces of human activity since ancient times, monuments of history, culture and architecture. And the Apuan Alps are known throughout the world for its marble, and other dekorativnye and building stones (green Roman marble "Cipollino", Cardozo breccia).

Just a few kilometers from the coastal plains of Versilia the Apuan Alps rise to nearly 2 thousand meters in height (Monte Pisanino - 1947 m). The whole mountain range is notable for the interesting geological features - moraines, erratic boulders, valleys and Cirque glaciers formed in the last ice age. In the Park you can find deep pits and incredible underground mazes and tunnels: for example, here is the Antro del Korkiya - the main system of underground tunnels in Italy and one of the biggest in the world, with about 70 km in length and 1210 meters in height.

The vegetation of the Park is very diverse, from typical Mediterranean shrubs at the foot of the mountains to oak and chestnut groves on a height of thousand meters above sea level, from mountain pastures to craggy cliffs with a very interesting flora. Here in the mountains, inhabited by bears, wolves, lynx and deer, and soar in the sky Chough, peregrine falcons, red grouse, swallows and Alpine Accentor.

On the territory of the Apuan Alps there are many ancient villages which attract tourists with their picturesque atmosphere and traditional way of life of the Region with an interesting Museum, Montignoso castle, Aghinolfi, the Mass of the Botanical garden, Seravezza with Palazzo Mediceo and the Museum of folk traditions, Gallicano with Rocca di Trassilico. Of equi Terme famous for its thermal baths and the canyon Solko, in Carrara, you can visit the famous Museum of Carrara marble, and in Camaiore archaeological Museum. Interesting mukomolny of the 18th century preserved in the town Vallico and Pascale created a unique Museum of the chestnut trees.