/ / Natural Park of Colle del Lis: photos, description (Colle del Lys Nature Park)

Natural Park of Colle del Lis: photos, description (Colle del Lys Nature Park)

"The meeting place of ecosystems" - the so-called natural Park of Colle del Lis, located between the Italian Val di Susa and Val di VIU'. The Park has long attracted nature lovers: first of all, they are tempted the fascinating landscapes of the plains to the North of Turin, the territory Konetski plains and the so-called Maritime Alps Alpi Marittime. And the location of the Park at the crossroads of important migration routes made it a favorite resting place for numerous birds. However, nature is not the only wealth "Colle del Lis. In these places the unfolding of some important historical events - in particular, here was the cradle of the Piedmontese resistance movement during the Second World war. In memory of 2024 the dead guerrilla war for the liberation of Italy here was a monument. And here today, we can see the ancient monuments of culture and architecture, for example, the monastery of the 17th century Madonna della Bassa.

The territory of the Park "Colle del Lis stretches between the municipalities of Rubiana and WCI at the height of from 1013 to 1599 meters above sea level. Here mixed moorland, beech groves, thickets of Rowan and ash. At low altitudes above sea level and slopes WCI meet deciduous forests, and coniferous trees presented here, European larch, black pine, spruce, white fir and ordinary pine.

During the Second World war, Italy was liberated from the enemies in particular due to the partisan movement, which originated here in the mountains of Piedmont. In memory of those events in 2000-m to year on the initiative of the Association of Colle del Lys and the government of the province of Turin opened the ecomuseum. His main objective is to introduce tourists not only with the environmental features of the Park, but with the historical and cultural heritage site. The ecomuseum themed seminars and exhibitions, and he serves as a point of information for the four valleys Susa, Lanzo, Chisone and Sangone. From here start some of the mountain trails. And each year in July arranged the event in memory of the partisans killed by the fascists in 1944-m to year.