/ / The natural Park of Portofino: photo description (Parco naturale regionale di Portofino)

The natural Park of Portofino: photo description (Parco naturale regionale di Portofino)

The natural Park of Portofino is the northernmost coastal protected area in the Western part of the Mediterranean sea. The Park was established in 1935 to preserve the rich floral diversity, and protection of many species of birds and invertebrates. A separate attraction of the Park is known worldwide panoramas: high rocky cliff, offers an overview of the Ligurian sea and the coast, with interesting natural and historical points of view. In the Park laid a dense network of trails, going through different ecosystems lost in the mountains villages and coastal settlements, notable monuments of history and architecture. The total Park area is 1,200 hectares, and another 3400 hectares belong to the so-called buffer zone, open to the public. Nearby towns - Recco, Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Zoagli, Chiavari.

The vegetation of the Park presents both Mediterranean shrubs and various trees - ash, chestnut, maple, pine, etc., the Agricultural part of the Park is covered with olive groves and orchards, there are also lemon groves and cultural gardens. This diversity of ecosystems, as well as a favorable microclimate, contribute to the formation of one of the largest in the Mediterranean region the concentrations of species of flora over 700 species of plants in a relatively limited area. Here's also home to 20 endemic species of Liguria species of invertebrates, over 100 species of birds and various mammals such as foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, wild boars etc.

It is known that man has chosen this place in the bronze age, but only approximately in the 2nd century BC there began to appear the first permanent settlements, in particular, on the territory of modern Camogli. In the 10th century this whole area was under the influence of the Benedictine Abbey of são fruttuoso is today, this religious complex is considered one of the most significant monuments of the Ligurian coast. Among the other attractions of the Park - Abbey Cervara the 14th century, the Romanesque Church of San nicolò di Capodimonte 12th century, many small churches and chapels and of course the Maritime Museum Joe Bono Ferrari" in Camogli.

In the Park tourists can also get acquainted with the history of cultivation of olive in the region in the mid-18th century there were 35 enterprises engaged in the production of olive oil, cereals, etc. of the Buildings of the former mills have been preserved to our days.