/ / Natural Park of Maremma: photos, description (Parco Naturale della Maremma)

Natural Park of Maremma: photos, description (Parco Naturale della Maremma)

Natural Park of Maremma is a wild territory impassable mountains, down to the sea with sandy beaches and dunes and surrounded by swamps, pine forests, cropland and pastures. The Park is bounded by the railway line Livorno - Rome, stretches along the Tyrrhenian coast from Principina a Mare to Alberese and Talamone. Here is located the bed of the river Ombrone, mountain system in the Tyrrhenian sea, the highest peak of which is Poggio Lecci - reaches 417 meters, wetlands Trappola and coastline with steep cliffs and sandy beaches.

The coastal area of the Tuscan Maremma was declared a natural Park in 1975-m to year. It covers an area of 100 sq km In the Northern beaches with a characteristic vegetation adapted to sandy, salty soils. A little further from the coast begin the thickets of the Mediterranean shrub. With the natural point of view, the complex formed by mountains'uccellina, the pine forest of Marina di Alberese, the river Ombrone and swamps Paludi della Trappola, is a unique ecosystem.

To the North of the mouth of the Ombrone are swamps Paludi di Trappola, alternating with sand dunes. Year-round grazing wild cattle. Marshes are also the wintering place for some species of birds. The most distant from the sea land reclamation has been, and today there are cultivated fields and pastures.

To the left of the mouth of the Ombrone is possible to see a compact system of dunes and small size, which are mainly covered with pine forest. Thickets of pine, or stone pine, is separated from the sea by a strip of Maritime pine, which protects the entire area from the damaging effects of marine winds. There are also artificial channels created in the 18th century.

Over the Central and southern parts of the "Maremma" is dominated by the mountain chain of the Tyrrhenian sea, almost entirely covered with primeval forests. Only on the lower slopes of the mountains you can find olive groves and vineyards, or pastures. It is on Uccellina are ancient religious buildings and towers: the Abbey of San Fonte blanda, Castelmaine Torre, Torre, Collelungo, Cala di Forno and Bella Marsiliya. And Talamone were found the remains of an ancient Roman Villa.