/ / The nature Park of Monte Baldo: a photo, a description (Parco locale del Monte Baldo)

The nature Park of Monte Baldo: a photo, a description (Parco locale del Monte Baldo)

The nature Park of Monte Baldo stretched from the shores of lake Garda it offers beautiful views of the entire valley of the rivers Adige and Po. It is composed of five different municipalities of the lower Trentino, and a number of protected sites located at altitude from a few hundred to 2 thousand meters above sea level. In winter, the Park attracts the snow-covered peaks, spring - flowering meadows, autumn - colored beech forests, and in summer the main attraction of its landscape are the panoramic views of lake Garda. All year round the Park offers entertainment for all tastes - from winter sports to Hiking, suitable for both adults and children.

Due to its unique biological diversity, the Park of Monte Baldo became a popular place of rest among nature lovers. Same here for almost 6 hundreds of years tend to get herbalists and pharmacists - within the Park grows a lot of medicinal plants. In 1500, the year Giovanni Battista Olivi called Monte Baldo, the "Garden of Italy". But there is also objects of scientific, historical and cultural significance.

The territory of the Park of Monte Baldo is situated on the square in 4650 hectares and includes facilities such as the Lago, Loppio, Monte Varania, kampei of Alpine meadows, cliffs and valleys, etc., Among its attractions, there are man-made objects, for example, Castello Avio - he stands on the hills Vallagarina and attracts tourists ancient architecture and mysterious tower, Masti. In the town of Brentonico in the Park is the Church, under the presbytery of which lies an ancient crypt is a stone structure with arches, vaults and a double row of columns with capitals. The Church itself was built between the 8th and 10th centuries is the only medieval Church Trentino, extant in its original form. In Brentonico, you can also see the Palace of Accele Baise the 16th century, it attracts attention by its green facade. The Palace is a Museum of fossils of Monte Baldo and next to the Palace is a small Botanic garden.

Special archaeological value is the cave of Colombo from the village of Sano. In 1881, the year here were found the remains of hearths and a lot of graves, as well as fragments of pottery, arrowheads, bones etc. the Scientists have dated the finds 2800-2200 years before Mr. BC Another site of archaeological significance, the islet of San Andrea on Lago, Loppio.