/ / The nature Park of Monte Orlando: photo description (Parco regionale di Monte Orlando)

The nature Park of Monte Orlando: photo description (Parco regionale di Monte Orlando)

The natural Park of Monte Orlando is spread over an area of 89 hectares on the territory of Gaeta on the shore Guitarsolo Bay. It consists of a ground part, which occupies 59 hectares and the sea area of 30 hectares, under the patronage of the international environmental organization WWF. The promontory of Monte Orlando is a natural continuation of the mountains Aurunci and is part of the regional Park "Riviera di Ulisse", along with protected area Gianola, Monte Scauri and Sperlonga.

The rocky promontory of Monte Orlando has a height of 171 meters above the sea level. With the exception of its southern part, it is uninhabited and covered by forest. With the mainland it is connected by narrow, hilly isthmus, where on one side are the outlying district of Gaeta, and civil and military ports, and on the other side of the beach Serapo.

The terrestrial part of the Park formed by limestone rocks, which are from 25 to 190 million years. There are also sheer cliffs - the cliffs, geological faults, ultisol and grottoes, among which special attention is given to the Turkish Grotto. With regard to the waters of the Park, the average depth of its water is equal to 30-40 meters. Among the marine flora, you should pay attention to the special type of seaweed that serves as ecological indicator of clean sea, - for the existence of this algae need sunlight which can penetrate the thickness of only the crystal-clear waters.

From the 16th century Monte Orlando was included in the fortress of Gaeta, and in 1986 was created the natural Park. On site at the highest point, is a monument to Roman architecture - the mausoleum of Lucius Strap. Other attractions worth noting two small churches, one Romanesque style, and the second was built in the 20th century. Also here you can admire a monument of nature - the montaña Spaccata, which represents overhanging the Tyrrhenian sea canyon.

The vegetation of the Park presents classic Mediterranean Bush and of wildlife, it is worth noting urchins, green-yellow snakes, peregrine falcons, cormorants, bee-eaters and other birds.

Tourists are attracted to the Park of Monte Orlando, the opportunity to ride bikes and walk on the many Hiking trails, which offer magnificent views.