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Piazzetta and St Mark's square: photos, description

Square. Mark - the main square of Venice. It is divided into the actual square. Mark and the Piazzetta is the small square between the Piazza San. Brand and channel. Square. Mark is framed by a long arched building of the Old Procuratie and the New Procuratie. Procurators governed the social life of the city, so their number year after year and took more than the construction of a separate building to house the bureaucracy that happened in the beginning of the XVI century. In the building of the New Procuratie later was the residence of Napoleon. Now, here is the Correr Museum, which houses a collection of paintings by Canova, Bellini, Carpaccio, and some Byzantine art.

Piazzetta can be called a magnificent Grand atrium of St. Mark's square. The monuments that loom on this small area are of exceptional importance: it is framed on the left Sansoviniana library, and on the right is the Doge's Palace. In the old days this place was a food market and only in 1536, the decree of the Doge decided that the Piazzetta must be released from the stalls. Piazzetta on executions death sentences.

From the side of the pier stand two columns of red marble; they were brought to Venice from the East in 1125 and established only in 1172. The Column SV. Theodore is named after this revered Holy of Venice, as his statue, consisting of parts of different origin, decorates the top of the column. The other column is a bronze winged lion symbol of St. Mark, of unknown origin.