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Piazza Armerina: photo description (Piazza Armerina)

Piazza Armerina is a small town of Sicily in the province of Enna famous for the fact that in its vicinity are the Roman Villa del Casale - a monument of ancient culture with the largest mosaic complex in the world. The town is situated on the southern slope of mount Area at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Not far from the mountain of Anne.

The current territory of Piazza Armerina was inhabited already in prehistoric times, however, the permanent settlement appeared only in the 11th century - during the reign of the Normans in Sicily. The city, as mentioned above, has earned a global reputation found in 3 km from the ancient Roman Villa del Casale with its well preserved mosaics graceful. Look at the ruins of the ancient structure with his works of art attracts thousands of tourists.

Medieval history Piazza Armerina is clearly seen in its buildings, erected in the Norman and Gothic styles. Among the most interesting attractions include the massive Cathedral, built in the 17th and 18th centuries in the Baroque style on the foundations of the ancient Church, from which only the bell tower. The facade of the Cathedral is notable for its imposing portal with twisted columns of Leonardo De Luca. Inside are kept the Byzantine icon of the Madonna della Vittoria and unusual bilateral crucifix by an unknown author.

Near the Cathedral stands the luxurious Palazzo Trigona, the residence of a noble family of the city, the funds of which were erected the Cathedral. Another Palazzo di città was built in 1613 and boasts frescoes by Salvatore Martorana. As in other Italian cities, in Piazza Armerina there are many churches, each of which has its own characteristics. So, tundra Church, also named St. Roch attracts attention with its carved portal of volcanic tuff. The interior of the Church San Giovanni Evangelista, Dating back to the 14th century, frescoed, while Borremans. Other churches worth noting the Church of Santa Anna of the 18th century, the Church of St. Martin of tours, was built in 1163, the Church of Santa Maria di gesù, now abandoned. Individual attention, the Aragon Castle with square towers, built in the late 14th century, and Garibaldi Theater. Outside the city stands the ancient Church of the Priorato di Sant'andrea built in 1096 by count Simon of Butera, a nephew of the king of Sicily Roger I.

Every year in August in Piazza Armerina there is a colorful festival Palio dei Normanni - dress reconstruction of the occurrences of the Norman ruler Roger I in the city.