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Piazza dei Cavalieri: photos, description (Piazza dei Cavalieri)

Piazza dei Cavalieri - the knights ' square is one of the main attractions of Pisa and the second largest square of the city. In medieval Pisa, she was the center of political life, and in the 16th century it housed the residence of the knights of St. Stephen Martyr. Today is a kind of educational center of the city, as it houses the main building of the Higher Normal school of Pisa - state centre of higher education and scientific research.

Piazza dei Cavalieri is located on the site of the forum of the antique Portus Pisanus leaning the harbour in Roman times. The area known as the Square of the seven roads was the political center of the city, where the inhabitants of Pisa discussed their challenges and celebrated victories. 1140 year, she became the center of the commune of Pisa - was built here houses and churches that belonged to different rulers. In 1254 on the square was erected the Palazzo del Popolo e degli Antsiani - the Palace of the People and Elders. The southern part of the area was occupied by offices, the courts and the residence of the Podesta - mayor. Here once stood the Church of San Sebastiano alle Fabbriche, Maggiore, demolished on the orders of Vasari.

It is on Piazza dei Cavalieri in 1406 an envoy from Florence announced the end of independent existence of the Pisa commune. After the conquest of Pisa in the Palazzo del Popolo e degli Antsiani set of priors of Florence, and the Palazzo del CAPITANO del Popolo is the head of the guard. Later, in 1558, Giorgio Vasari, the famous architect of the Grand Duke Cosimo I de ' Medici, the area was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. He designed the only one in Pisa is the Renaissance Church of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, but it was built by other architects. Today it contains the Turkish banners captured by the knights of St. Stephen during the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571.

The main building of the square is Palazzo della Carovana Palace of the knights and the former Palace of the Elders, which currently houses the Higher Normal School of Pisa. Its fantastic facade is decorated with sgraffito - a special technique of creating a mural, and six niches with busts of Grand Dukes of Tuscany. In front of the Palace stands a huge statue of Cosimo I de ' Medici, the work of Pietro Francavilla, who was also the author of the project of the Palazzo dei Priori in 1603. In another corner of the square you can see the Palazzo Dell'orologio.

Additional area attractions include Piazza dei Cavalieri can be called palaces Palazzo del Collegio Puteano and Palazzo del Consiglio dei Dodik, the Saint-Roch Church, the Canon and the Torre Muda.