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Piazza Stesicoro: photos, description (Piazza Stesicoro)

Piazza Stesicoro is one of the main squares of the historic center of Catania located on the main street - via Etnea. It divides the street almost exactly in half. The square has the shape of a rectangle, the perimeter of which is constructed the buildings in various architectural styles. On the East side is the monument to the great composer Vincenzo Bellini, made by the sculptor Giulio Monteverde in 1882. From the North the area is bounded by the luxurious Palazzo del Toscano, and in the North-East stands the Palazzo Beneventano, one of the facades facing the Corso Sicilia. In the southern part of Piazza Stesicoro built buildings of lesser architectural value.

In the center of the square at about ten meters below the street pavement located the Northern part of the Roman amphitheatre, excavated in the last century after many centuries of oblivion. In the West, on a small hill you can see the Church of San Biagio, also known as Santa Agata Alla Fornace, and the Palazzo della Borsa. Finally, it is worth to pay attention to the luxurious 18th-century Palace - Palazzo Tizzano, which until 1953 was placed the Tribunal.

In the mid-20th century all the buildings standing behind the monument of Vincenzo Bellini, was demolished, and in their place laid the modern street - Corso Sicilia, built office buildings, which are banks and insurance companies. Corso Sicilia leads to the Piazza della Repubblica and then to the Central station.

Today, the Piazza Stesicoro is one of the most visited squares in Catania because of its Central location and fair, which is held here from Monday to Saturday.