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Piazzale Loreto: photo description (Piazzale Loreto)

Piazzale Loreto is the main city square of Milan. The name Loreto is also used to describe the area that stretches around the area. The area is part of administrative Zone 2. On this spot once stood the ancient monastery dedicated to the virgin Mary of Loreto, the monastery is long gone, but the name has remained in use to this day.

Piazzale Loreto was the scene of one of the most famous events in modern Italian history, namely the public display of the body of Benito Mussolini on 29 April 1945. The day before, Mussolini, his mistress Clara Petacci and some other high-ranking Nazi officials were captured and shot by partisans near lake Como. Their bodies were brought to Milan and hung upside down on the roof of the gas station on the square. In addition, 29 of April another fascist politician, Achille Starace, was brought to the Piazzale Loreto - he was forced to look at the body of Mussolini just before being shot. The body of Starace was undernote next to the body of Il Duce. The whole event was captured on hundreds of cameras.

Demonstration of hanged bodies was held at the same place where a year earlier the Nazis were put on public display the bodies of 15 of the ordinary inter, so-called "martyrs of Piazzale Loreto", which was killed in retaliation for partisan actions. For some time, the area even renamed Piazza Martiri Quindici (Area 15 Martyrs) in memory of the executed.

After the war the appearance of the square was changed to match the growing traffic of the city, so today it is difficult to determine the exact location where more than half a century ago hung the body of one of the greatest criminals of the twentieth century.