/ / City hall: photo description (Palazzo di Citta di Salerno)

City hall: photo description (Palazzo di Citta di Salerno)

The town Hall of Salerno was solemnly opened in April 1936. The four-storey building covers an area of 5 thousand sq. m. with a covered pedestrian zone and a Central patio, which is accessible via stairs. The design of the building is typical of the fascist regime of those years style.

Reception hall, better known today as the Hall dei Marmi (the Marble), is the most important of all. It was there in 1944, the year met the Council of Ministers of Italy and representatives of the UN. Hall is also famous for its colored marble floor and red, blue and gold mosaics on the walls. He also decorated with paintings by a local artist Pasquale avallone and oval lights in the shape of fountains. Deserves attention and a group of bronze sculptures made by the master Gaetano Chiaromonte, which was recently restored.

Next to the Hall dei Marmi is the Hall delle Commissioni, also known as the Hall of the Giunta Room of the meetings of the Council. And in front of the Marble Hall is the Hall del Gonfalone with square glass ceiling. It is possible to get to the reception and offices of the mayor, Vice mayor and Secretary-General.

Almost the entire first floor of City Hall occupied by the Teatro augusteo: large monumental hall, the main feature of which is the vaulted ceiling of reinforced concrete. The illumination of this room provides hundreds of small neon lamps. Total theatre capacity - about seven hundred people. Recently it was restored and opened to the public after several years of neglect.

Next to the town Hall is the garden, which was laid out in 1874, the year the architect Casalbore. In those years it was one of the most important connecting lines between the old town lying in the North-Eastern part of sa, and major urban centers. For almost 150 years of its history the garden was full of various statues and rare plants. There you can see the fountain, known as don Tullio or Esculapio, made in 1790, the year. Recently on the territory of the garden was implemented a major project in the course of which there were broken new flower beds with rare Mediterranean plants.