/ / The regional Park of the Abbey of Monteveglio: photo description (Parco regionale Dell Abbazia Monteveglio)

The regional Park of the Abbey of Monteveglio: photo description (Parco regionale Dell Abbazia Monteveglio)

The regional Park of the Monteveglio Abbey" is a protected natural area in the region of Emilia-Romagna, established in 1995. She is 878 hectares of the territory of the Italian province of Bologna just 20 km West of Bologna. Here there are many small mammals: the European hedgehog, squirrel, Loir, musk-rat, field mouse. Hares, foxes, badgers and Martens. Among the larger animals - wild boars and ROE deer. Highly varied local avifauna: the warblers warblers-Chernogolovka, wrens, Robins, blackbirds, chaffinches, chiffchaffs and other birds - the typical inhabitants of the local forests and fields. The landscape of the Park is also incredibly diverse - forested mountains and river valleys, agricultural areas, for centuries cultivated by man.

But perhaps the main attraction of the Park is the ancient Abbey of Monteveglio, situated two steps away from the village in the valley of Samoggia. The valley itself is bounded on the East and West rivers Gaya di Serravalle and Marcatore and includes a hilly area South and West of Monteveglio: hill Monteveglio Alto with the ruins of a medieval castle and Abbey of Santa Maria di Monteveglio, the millennial Church of mount Morello, Gennaro and Freddo, and a small river valley and Ramat. In the ancient castle once upon a time unfolded before the tumultuous events of the middle ages, and in its tower, built in the 14th century, today houses the tourist visitor centre. The Abbey, which recently housed a Franciscan community, is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, although it was built in the 5th century, which confirms the local family tomb. In the 11th century, the Abbey was restored, and from that time it reached us intact.

Today the Park has several Hiking trails, clicking on which you can see the impressive castle gates and crenellated towers, the house of worship of San Rocco and San Sebastian, the massive bell tower, ancient home of St. Bernadette and of course the Abbey itself, with its beautiful porticoes and the adjacent Church of Santa Maria Assunta. And after lunch you can visit one of the local sirdalen to see the process of making the famous cheese Parmigiano Reggiano, or go to taste the local wine.