/ / The regional Park of Porto Conte: photo description (Parco naturale regionale di Porto Conte)

The regional Park of Porto Conte: photo description (Parco naturale regionale di Porto Conte)

Regional Park of "Porto Conte" begins just beyond the Northern outskirts of Alghero (Sardinia) Kalich the lagoon, located behind the strip of sand that connects Alghero and Fertilia. Then the Park stretches towards the coast, nestled along the Northern border of the city near Porto ferro. The Park is a hilly area, the highest peak is Monte D Olla (437 m), with a breathtaking view of Alghero and the coast. The Park also includes the pine forest of Le Pinete important from a scientific point of view species of flora and fauna.

The whole territory of "Porto Conte" to literally cut trails, where everyone can find an adventure in taste. Families with children seeking easy hikes among the beautiful landscapes, here with a white donkey of Asinara and ponies of the Giara (Sardinian kind of pony). For those who prefer more remote places and untrodden trails, can be enjoyed on the slopes of Monte Timidone or in the village of Cala della Barca, however, you must obtain permission from the Park administration, since usually these areas are closed to tourists for conservation. In these places there are several points, which offer splendid views of the coast and sea for miles into the distance.

"Porto Conte" will appeal to lovers of birds: the Park is home to about 150 species of birds, the most common of which, of course, is the Griffon vulture - one of the largest and most enigmatic birds of Europe. In Sardinia vulture breeds mainly in the town of Bosa, but also occurs on the cliffs of Punta Cristallo and Punta della Pena. From November to January, tourists can even see the "wedding flight" of a Griffon vulture. Another important ornithological site of the Park - Laguna Kalich where in the coastal mud is inhabited by numerous species of birds, for example, dwarf and grey herons. Live in the Park and the beautiful pink flamingos.

All the tourist trails of the Park of "Porto Conte" available for Hiking and Cycling.