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Riva del Garda: photo description (Riva del Garda)

Riva del Garda is a picturesque resort town with a population of just over 15 thousand people, located in the North-Western shore of lake Garda in the province of Trentino. The city lies in the southern spurs of the Italian Alps, near the massif of the Dolomites, and is limited by Monte Rocchetta to the West and Monte Brione to the East. Winter here is cold but Sunny and snowy, and summers are warm and windy. In warm time of year the nights are often raging storm.

Archaeological excavations show that Riva del Garda has been inhabited since Roman times, however, historical evidence of those times almost gone. At the beginning of the 16th century, the city became part of Republic of Venice: the Venetians built the Bastion, which it was possible to control all of the lake Garda, - its ruins can still be seen today. Then Riva del Garda was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and in 1918 joined Italy. The local economy is almost entirely based on tourism. In addition, the city has several paper production.

Tourists love to visit Riva del Garda for its beauty and interesting sights. So, in the mediaeval Rocca that stands on a lake and surrounded by a canal with the suspension bridge today is located the municipal Museum, which hosts a variety of cultural events, especially numerous in summer. Inviolata Church, built in Baroque style, stands in the center of the city. If she is heading towards the area on 3 November, by the way, admire the historic buildings, erected in the Lombardo-Venetian style, the Palazzo Pretorio (1375), whose facade is decorated with frescoes, or the City Hall with the coat of arms of the city. Nearby is another square - Piazza San Rocco is surrounded by the ruins of the ancient city walls. There stands the Church of San Rocco, partially destroyed during the First World war. At the Eastern end of the square stands the 34-metre-tall Torre Apponale, built in the year 1200, in different years, it served as a prison and observation tower. Noteworthy are also the Piazza Catena, Piazza Battisti and Piazza Garibaldi. Starts from the last street of via Maffei, along which there are magnificent palaces, Palazzo, Lotti, Palazzo Versace, Palazzo Martini and Palazzo Clary. The main stairs of the small Church of Santa Barbara, built in 1935 on the slopes of Monte Brione, provides a breathtaking view.

In the surroundings of Riva del Garda worth a visit lake Tenno and Lago di Ledro, on the shore of which opened paleontological Museum with an interesting collection, as well as the Varone waterfalls.

In addition, Riva del Garda, windswept for the whole day, is a great place for Windsurfing and boating under sail. Lovers of outdoor activities should visit the centre "Fraglia Vela Riva". By cable car you can climb on Monte Rocchetta, Hiking tour to the Monte Brione or Biking to the nearby towns of Torbole Sul Garda and Arco. It is also possible to raft on a raft on a river of the Val di Ledro. Winter is 17 km from Riva del Garda there is a ski resort of Monte Baldo.