/ / Catacombs of Rome: photo description (Catacombe di Roma)

Catacombs of Rome: photo description (Catacombe di Roma)

Religious sanctuary are located at the Appian way catacombs, where there are pictures of the first Christians, who used the premises for prayer meetings and burial of the dead.

Right behind the Aurelian walls begins a series of graves, located along the Appian way; the most famous of them - the tomb of Cecilia metella. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII gave this tomb the possession of his family Caetani, and they included it in a fortified castle. At the end of the sixteenth century were made of marble facing of the tomb.

Catacombs of San Callisto is still little studied. They are laid on four levels and the length of the tunnel is about 20 km away. Some rooms decorated with frescoes.

Above the catacombs of San Sebastiano rises the homonymous Church. Numerous drawings on the refectory walls depict scenes of worship of the apostles Peter and Paul, whose remains had once been covered somewhere in these catacombs.