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Roman criptoportico: photos, description (Criptoportico Forense Forum)

Roman cryptoportico in Aosta, is one of the most unusual tourist attractions, located under the ground and produces a lasting impression on visitors. To experience this legacy of Ancient Rome is to book a special tour and wander through the antique galleries, immersed in the darkness of millennia.

Cryptoportic, which is a covered gallery, is located near the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Piazza Giovanni XXIII. Thence through the garden leads directly into the bowels of the ancient building - an impressive building, in the old days were in that part of town, which was dedicated to religion. Today, subterranean covered gallery with an elegantly "out-fashioned" interior, illuminated by light shafts. Cryptoportic has the form of horseshoe, and during the construction had a double corridor and the ceiling is beamed, which is supported by columns.

Disputes about the purpose of this structure do not cease to this day. Probably, the Emperor Augustus erected Cryptoportic to maintain the soil in these places, several in a row towards the surrounding plateau. It is also believed that the semicircular part of the building was used as a warehouse and a granary, and marble columns from the top (now completely destroyed) was a spectacular part of the temple. According to historical documents, Cryptoportic used for different purposes even in the middle Ages, when it was turned into a wine cellar.