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Rubiana: photos, description (Rubiana)

Rubiana is a small village located in a picturesque place in the vallone del Messa, which is characterized by a cool climate in summer and relatively warm winters. It is an important tourist resort, ideal for senior travellers and families with children. Rubiana located on the territory of the Italian valley of Val di Susa, with its rocky peaks, forests and mountain slopes for centuries used as pasture. According to historians, one of the first inhabitants of this area were the Celtic tribes - they worship forest deities, like the God of Arubiana, from which probably came the name of the village. According to other sources, the toponym of Rebiana comes from the Latin word "ruber" meaning "red" and refers to the reddish soil of this part of the valley. The color of the soil, by the way, indicates the presence of significant amounts of iron, which is confirmed by the intensive development of industry iron miners on the mountain Monte Acone in the 16-17th centuries.

After the Second World war Rubiana became an important center of anti-fascist movement. The locals even set on the hill Colle del Lis memorial obelisk in memory of all the victims of the bloody regime. There you will find the ecomuseum, which among other things introduces visitors to the history of the resistance movement.

Proximity to Rubiani it should be noted the parish Church of Sant'egidio, built in 1607, the year on the main city square, the Church Tonellato in the same area, it is dedicated to Saint Grato and Maria Maddalena, a small Romanesque Church in the district of Celle di Kaprije - it is a scenic trail along the southern slopes of the valley. Also noteworthy is the monastery of the Madonna della Bassa, built in 1714, the year on the border Rubiani and Valdelinares. He was named for the hill on which stands, Colle della Bassa. The monastery is situated on a ridge, separating vallone del Messa from Valle del Cisternone, at an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level. Each year it is celebrated three religious holiday in June, August and September.