/ / The ruins of the fortress of Barbarossa: photos, description Castello Barbarossa)

The ruins of the fortress of Barbarossa: photos, description Castello Barbarossa)

Castello Barbarossa's castle ruins and ornithological station in the town of Anacapri on the island of Capri. The name comes from the name of a famous pirate and Ottoman Admiral Barbarossa ("Red Beard") who attacked the castle in 1535, the year and destroyed it a decade later. With the end of the 19th century the castle ruins were owned by Swedish psychiatrist Axel Munga, who bequeathed his own Fund.

When he built the Castello Barbarossa to the end and not clear, but probably it was in the late 9th century when the Dukes of Amalfi, who built the castle in order to gain control over the acute Capri. In the 10-11-th centuries the castle, surrounded by walls, flourished. After the conquest Campaigns of the Norman Dukes of Amalfi were forced to strengthen their holdings to protect against attacks - in the castle there is a new fortification, cylindrical tower, two defensive walls, etc. In the 15th century, when the island was often attacked by Muslim pirates, the city's population often took refuge in the castle walls. But in 1544, the year Barbarossa failed to destroy the castle, and those who found shelter inside, were forcibly taken and sold into slavery. Then appeared the name of the Castello Barbarossa.

For several centuries the castle, or rather what is left of it, was abandoned, and only in the 19th century, was occasionally used for military purposes, and at the beginning of the 20th century the ruins of the castle and its surroundings turned into a must-see place in Capri. Today on the site of the ancient castle Castello Barbarossa tourists can see the remains of the tower of the fortress wall, the chapel and other items.

The aforementioned Axel münch, who owned the castle in the first half of the 20th century, organized in his estate a sort of sanctuary for birds - at one time he even managed to convince Benito Mussolini to close for hunters access to Capri. Today in the territory of Castello Barbarossa is an ornithological station, the local mountain, Monte Solaro is an important stop on the migratory route for many species of birds every year who travel from Europe to winter in Africa.

Castello Barbarossa is located in the district of Villa San Michele, near the Grotta del Arco. Castle ruins stand at a height of 412 m above sea level on a plateau with an area of 250 sqm on one of the slopes of Monte Solaro.