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Rosella: photos, description (Rusellae)

Rosella ancient Etruscan city in Tuscany, the ruins of which are located in the territory Roselle in the comune of Grosseto. It lies 15 km from the other Etruscan settlements, Vetulonia, and 8 km from Grosseto. Ruins of the ancient city is located on two hills, the highest of which reaches 194 meters above sea level. Atop one hill is the Roman amphitheatre, and another tower, the exact Dating of which is not yet established. For the construction of both buildings was widely used local limestone travertine.

Rosella, presumably, was one of 12 cities of the Etruscan Confederation. The city had an advantageous geographical position, which allowed control of the lake. the lagoon connected with the sea. In the 294-m BC Rosello of the Romans, later on this place was founded the colony. It is known that in 205, the year BC Rosella supplied grain and timber for the fleet of Scipio Africanus. In 1138, the year the city was abandoned, and the local Bishop moved to Grozny.

Today the territory Roussely cultivated for agricultural purposes, and ancient ruins overgrown with grass, though well preserved defensive wall with parapets. The walls are built of limestone blocks of irregular shape, size around 2.75*1.2 meters. Smaller blocks are inserted in the gap between the large plates. Visible near the Roman cistern to collect water. Other ruins from Ancient Rome was discovered 3 km away, near hot springs, which were used as baths.

On the North hill, near the amphitheatre, the ruins of the building Casa del Impluvium - one of the rare specimens of ancient buildings with a swimming pool in the yard. On the South hill you can see a kiln for ceramic products. Part found in Roselle artifacts are now on display in the Museum of archeology and art of Maremma in Grosseto.