/ / The Savoy castle: photos, description Castello di Savoy)

The Savoy castle: photos, description Castello di Savoy)

The Savoy castle, standing at the foot of the hill Ranzola in the town of Gressoney-Saint-Jean, in the Italian region of Val d'aosta is also known as the Castle of Queen Margaret, was built between 1899 and 1904 years. It dominates the entire valley up to the glacier Lyskamm. It is in this castle for many years until his death in 1926 year, there was a Queen Margherita, widow of Umberto I.

Architect Emilio's Stracci, who was the author of neo-Baroque decoration of the Palazzo Reale in Turin and the Quirinale in Rome, designed the castle in a medieval style, described as "the Lombard style of the 15th century", which was typical of Savoy and the French architecture of the period. The castle consisted of the main building is rectangular in shape with four pointed towers, are distinct from each other, and the outside was made of gray stone from the quarries Gressoney, Gaby and Vert. Inside it was divided into three floors - on the ground were the living quarters on the second apartments of the Royal family, and the third, now closed to the public, was intended for members of the Royal court. Below ground are the wine cellars and warehouses. Unfortunately, to the present day preserved only some fragments of the original furniture of the castle, including tapestries from flax and cotton. Also noteworthy ornaments brushes Carlo Massetti, who later worked on the decoration of Palazzo Reale in Turin, coffered ceilings, imitating the medieval, wooden panels and furniture Deller. The greater part of the present furnishings were brought from the Villa Margarita, where the Queen lived before the construction of the castle.

The main entrance is located on the ground floor leads into a spacious hall with columns and coffered painted ceilings and from there you can get into the other rooms. On the one hand, there are game rooms and Lounges, connected with a semicircular porch facing the valley. On the other hand, a dining room with richly decorated walls, fireplace and "parchment" wooden panels. The so-called "service entrance" in the octagonal tower in the North-Western wing of the castle designed in the Gothic revival style.

Elegant wooden staircase with griffins and eagles leads to the Royal chambers. Bedroom Queen Margaret occupied the best position - and boast superb views of Monte Rosa and the whole valley. In the next room lived a crown Prince Umberto, and on the opposite side were located the apartments of the Marquise PES di Villamarina, a court lady-in-waiting of the Queen.

The castle kitchen was in a separate building just to the side and was connected to the main building by an underground narrow-gauge road. To other premises belonged to Villa Belvedere, welcoming visitors to the castle and Royal guards, and a small house in which he lived, the Royal poet and singer, Romitaggio Carducci. At the foot of the Savoyard castle was a rock garden with Alpine plants.