/ / The garden of La Mortella: photos, description (Giardino La Mortella)

The garden of La Mortella: photos, description (Giardino La Mortella)

Garden La mortella is one of the attractions of the island of Ischia, a popular tourist destination. Located in the former home of British composer sir William Walton and his wife, Argentine Susanna Walton. Shortly after the Second World war the couple moved to Ischia, where they began to create what later became La Martelli. In the house of the couple was visited by such celebrities as Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and Maria Callas, and today it is a luxurious estate and famous gardens can admire everyone.

The Waltons bought the house on the island in 1956 year and immediately to assess the potential of this place, "wrote landscape designer Russell page, on the idea which a former quarry on a volcanic hill was transformed into a tropical Paradise with a collection of exotic and rare plants. Since 1991, the year of La Mortella is open to the public.

The garden is on several levels, and its highest point you can see the Greek theater under the open sky. Summer on the stage, surrounded by tea roses and fragrant herbs to the concerts of young composers, and the audience can enjoy classical music while admiring the panorama of the Bay Foro. In 2004, the year of La Mortella received the status of a most beautiful Park of Italy. Here there are dozens of species of trees and plants, from traditional to Mediterranean to extremely rare, and the floral riot scurry back and forth different birds and even small rodents and mammals.

Today in the garden you can see the memorials to the spouses Waltons (lady Susannah died in 2010-m to year, having survived her husband for 27 years) is a stone monument with the ashes of the composer and a lovely site in memory of lady Susanna, with a wonderful view of the surrounding area. To get acquainted with the life of the spouses can be in the house - in a concert hall playing a video in which lady Walton enthusiastically tells the story of the creation of La Mortella, urging everyone to care about the environment and enjoy the gift of beauty.