/ / The gardens of Minerva: photos, description (Giardino della Minerva)

The gardens of Minerva: photos, description (Giardino della Minerva)

The gardens of Minerva is perhaps the oldest Botanical garden of Europe. It in the beginning of the 14th century in the city of Salerno was founded by Dr. Matteo Silvatico, linking the garden with the famous medical school (Scuola Medica Salernitana. In those years it was located just outside the walls of the Castello di Arechi along green street, which went from the lower town to the castle. Selvatico smashed on the garden private garden with medicinal plants, which became the predecessor of all Botanical gardens of Europe. It lecturer at the prestigious Scuola Medica conducted his experiments, was engaged in the classification of plants and studied plant predators.

The present appearance of the Gardens of Minerva, still located in the old centre of Salerno, acquired in the 18th century after the restoration of the site. While the medieval medicinal garden, Selvatico is two meters below the level of the current pavement. All the garden is divided into terraces with the hydraulic system of fountains, canals and ponds with fish on each level. The name of the garden derives from the name of the fountain, depicting the goddess Minerva. Another fountain, in the form of shells, located on the highest terrace, which offers panoramic views.

The garden formed a special microclimate with favourable light days, which allows us to grow various types of plants, including moisture - and heat-loving. Recently been planted with ornamental and rare species of plants - ashwagandha, Dashin, several types of roses etc. Also are trying to reproduce the same medicinal plants that are mentioned in the most prominent scientific works of Scuola Medica Salernitana. And in the lower part of the garden built several greenhouses for growing introduced species, such as the legendary Mandrake.

A long staircase with a square at the base of the columns covered with climbing plants, connects the several levels of the terraced garden from the lower to the high Belvedere, which offers a wonderful view of the Bay Salernitani. From there you can also admire the panorama from the promontory of Punta Licosa to Punta Campanella.