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San Daniele del Friuli, San Daniele del Friuli)

San Daniele del Friuli is a small town located on the Adriatic Riviera, Italy near the resort town of Lignano Sabbiadoro. Administratively, it belongs to the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The total area of 35 sq km and is home to slightly more than 8 thousand people.

San Daniele is conveniently located on a hilltop in the foothills of the Alps, which offers an overview of the whole lying at the bottom of the plain. The city is quite compact and is part of the so-called Slow Cities - cities that have committed themselves to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants and guests. It produces the raw hams with a distinctive taste due to the local climate. Cold air from the North mixes with the warm air of the Adriatic along the Tagliamento river, which contributes to the creation of the correct humidity level - a necessary condition for the production of seasonal meat. In addition to its famous ham in San Daniele to taste the trout, which the locals call the "Queen of San Daniele".

From a historical point of view about the city is little known - the date its founding and much of its history during the Middle ages are shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that San Daniele was the third most important local market after Aquileia and Cividale, while in the 17th century - one of the centers of Protestant reformation in Friuli.

On the main square you can see the Cathedral, dedicated to the patron Saint of the city - the Archangel Michael and the bell tower, whose construction was begun in 1531, the year was left unfinished. Inside the Cathedral are preserved in the baptistery of the 16th century. Nearby on the same square stands the old town Hall, which today houses the municipal archive, with documents Dating from the 12th century, and a library.

Another attraction of San Daniele is the castle, from which, however, preserved only the tower and some fragments of walls. Today all of its territory turned into a Park, which offers a wonderful view of the plain and the Julian Alps.

Finally, don't miss the traditional festival "Aria di Festa", which takes place annually on the last weekend of June. For four days - Friday through Monday - in the streets and squares of San Daniele to taste the famous raw ham.