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San Donato: pictures, description, (San Donato)

San Donato area of Turin, located between Corso Francia, Corso Lecce, Corso Potenza, via Nola, Parco Dora and Corso Principe Oddone. This area was inhabited in the middle Ages and in the 19th century, the area has grown considerably around the channel San Donato. This channel now does not exist - it was filled and turned into the main street of the district, via San Donato. Local buildings are relatively young (dated early 19th century), with the exception of a group of ancient buildings located in the area of Brucker along the street via Pacinotti and near the Piazza Paravia. In order to save the house, and the street via San Donato at the time laid in a straight, but slightly escriviu, with the result that she today runs parallel to via Pacinotti and rests in Piazza Statuto.

The main Church of the district - Nostra Signora del Suffragio e Santa Zita. With its 83-metre high bell tower it is the fifth tallest building in Turin after the Mole Antonelliana, skyscraper Intesa-Sanpaolo, Torre, Littoria and the two masts of the Juventus stadium. The Church was designed and built under the leadership of an Italian priest and a distinguished mathematician Francesco FAA di Bruno. Legend has it that he wanted to build the tallest bell tower in the city and place on top of the clock to all the poor people were free to know the time. A small building next to the Church - all that remains of the Casa Tartaglino, houses, also modified on the draft of FAA di Bruno.

Villino, Cibrario on via, Saccarelli - another significant structure erected in 1842 by the project Barnaba Panizza. Once it was surrounded by a huge garden, which later had to be destroyed to pave the street. And next to him concentrated group of houses in the art Nouveau style, built by architect Pietro Fenoglio (among them the prestigious mansion Villino Raby). Also on via San Donato is well worth a visit Villa Boringhieri. Other notable buildings in the style of art Nouveau and neo-Gothic is located in the streets via Piffetti and via Durandi.

Among the modern buildings in the district, of course, stands the Torre BBPR, called designed architectural Bureau. The building's style can be described as the Italian post-rationalism. Tower facing the Central square of Piazza Statuto.

The district of San Donato crosses several important transport arteries, for example, Corso Svizzera, running from North to South, it located the business center "Piero Della Francesca" and one of the oldest hospitals of Turin - OSPEDALE Amedeo di Savoia. Another great Avenue district Corso Principe oddone the last marching along the railway to Milan (today the railroad goes underground). The Northern part of the district of San Donato, what was once a large industrial area, was recently transformed into the Parco Dora. All that is preserved of the buildings of the industrial age - the cooling tower (cooling tower), which has become the symbol of the Park.