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San Candido: photo description (San Candido)

San Candido is a town located in the popular ski resort of Alta Pusteria, at the entrance to the Val di Sesto. It is also part of the national Park "Dolomiti di Sesto".

The territory of modern San Candido was inhabited by tribes of Illyrians from the first Millennium BC, Then, there lived Celtic tribes, which in the 1st century BC was replaced by the Romans, who made these lands their military Outpost. The Romans founded a military post Littman, and the current center developed around the monastery, built by Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria and the Bishop of Phrasing to prevent the penetration of the Slavic tribes, which in those years was a pagan. Since that time, San Candido was part of the Principality of Phrasing, until in 1803, the year was not abolished feudal rights.

Today San Candido is a charming town surrounded by the magnificent landscapes of the Dolomites, with their snow-covered slopes, Alpine lakes and picturesque mountain paths. Among the local attractions is worth noting the building of the Cathedral Church of San Candido is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture in South Tyrol. It was built in 1043, the year on the site of a Benedictine monastery. Nearby rises a massive square tower, and is stored inside a wooden crucifix and frescoes of the artist Michael Packer. Also noteworthy is the Church of the Franciscan monastery of the 17th century Church of San Michele and the 12th century and the Baroque chapel Altotting and Holy cross. And on the territory of the hotel "Grand Hotel Wildbad" is located in hot sulphur springs used for therapeutic purposes since antiquity.