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San Michele: pictures, description San Michele)

San Michele - one of the Islands of the Venetian lagoon, located in the vicinity of Venice Cannaregio district. Together with the neighbouring island of San Cristoforo della Pace and San Michele was once a favorite stopping place of travelers and fishermen. Today its major attraction is the Romanesque Church of San Michele in Isola, built in 1469, the year the architect Mauro Codussi, the first Renaissance Church of Venice. It was built especially for the religious orders Camaldoli. The building of the temple is entirely built of white Istrian stone, which has since acquired a ash grey tint. Inside the Church consists of a Central nave and two lateral chapels with precious decorations. Near the San Michele in Isola is a monastery, which in the past several years was used as a prison.

In 1807, the year the island of San Cristoforo was decided to turn into a cemetery. This decision was taken by the administration of Napoleon, who ruled then in Venice, and believed that burial within the city can cause epidemics. The project of the new cemetery architect Gian Antonio Selva. In 1836, the year the canal that separated San Cristoforo and San Michele, were covered with earth, and the island subsequently became known as San Michele. A cemetery is used to this day. It buried celebrities such as Igor Stravinsky, Joseph Brodsky, Sergei Diaghilev, and others. It is interesting that in the past the coffin with the body of the deceased were brought to the island on special funeral gondolas.

Another attraction of San Michele is the Cappella Emiliana chapel, built in 1530 year. Opposite it you can see the cloister of the 15th century cloister, through which the entrance to the cemetery.