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San Felice del Benaco: photo, description

San Felice del Benaco is situated on the Western shore of lake Garda, on a Cape between the Bay of Salo and the Gulf of Manerba. It includes the territory of three villages - San Felice, Portese and Cisano, is also the largest island in the lake - Isola Garda. In total, the city is home to about 3 thousand people. Its name comes from the Latin "sinus Felix" is a convenient Bay.

In the surroundings of San Felice on-site Scovolo discovered the ancient pile dwellings around the Alps, as well as numerous artifacts relating to the era of Ancient Rome, for example, is dedicated to Neptune stone tablets, which can be seen today in the parish Church or cemetery. During the invasion of the barbarians to protect the local land was built a powerful castle. In 1279 a powerful Brescia decided to destroy it and the inhabitants of the surrounding territories were forced to move to another place - they called it San Felice di Scovolo. There was erected a new castle, which, however, in 1509, were also destroyed. Much later it was rebuilt by order of the Venetian Republic.

In the past the economy of San Felice was based on fishing, thanks to the abundance of different fish species in lake Garda. Today, the main source of income of the local population - wine production and tourism.

Among the main attractions of the city can be called the parish Church, built in Baroque style between 1740 and 1781 for years, and the birthplace of the famous sculptor Angelo Zanelli - Palazzo Rotino, which today houses city hall. In the immediate vicinity of San Felice is the sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine, dedicated to the patron of the whole of the Valtenesi valley. They say that it was built by local fishermen in gratitude for the rescue during a storm. Finally, you should definitely visit the ruins of the castle and the building of the Monte della pietà, once called Palazzo Comunale.

In the town of Portese noteworthy is the parish Church of San Giovanni Battista, built in the 16th century, the Church of San Fermo 15-th century and the medieval castle. And Cisano is worth visiting the Church dedicated to John the Baptist, and Palazzo Kominelli, built in the 17th century.