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Santa Maria dello Pang: photos, description Santa Maria dello Spasimo)

Santa Maria dello Pang - dilapidated collegiate Church in Palermo, where you can see a picture of Raphael "the way of the cross" (also known as the "Sicilian Pang" because of its location). Painting depicting the fall of Jesus beneath the cross, purchased specifically for this Church in 1520. Later, the picture has long been in private ownership, while the Viceroy of Sicily, Ferdinando d Ayala bought it and gave the Spanish king Philip V. Today, the work of the great Raphael can be seen in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

The history of the construction of the Church of Santa Maria dello Pang dates back to 1506, when a local lawyer Giacomo Basilico gave the monks of the monastery of Monte Oliveto land in Palermo Kalsa district with the condition that it will be erected a temple in honor of the Suffering of the virgin. The construction began in 1509, but was never completed. At that time the inhabitants of the city because of the threat of the attack of the Turkish troops began to restore and strengthen the protective wall, in particular in 1537 on the territory under construction of the Church was built a defensive ditch.

And 30 years later, the municipality of Palermo bought the land for military purposes, and the monks were forced to leave the unfinished cloister. However, the plans of the city administration went awry, and in 1582 the Church was used for public performances. Then, inside was a sick Bay in the 17th century in Palermo epidemic was raging. And later in the walls of the unfinished Church were the warehouse. In the mid-18th century, the arches of the Central nave of Santa Maria dello Pang collapsed and was never restored. For almost a hundred years - from 1855 - 1985- the Church was used as a hospital and shelter for the poor. And today is a cultural centre that hosts exhibitions, musical and theatrical shows.