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Santa Cesarea Terme: photo description (Santa Cesarea Terme)

Santa Cesarea Terme is a small town with a population of only three thousand people, located in the province of Lecce, on the shores of the Otranto channel, on terraces sloping towards the sea. Today it is one of the main Spa resorts of the Salento Peninsula (the"Italian heel").

The use of thermal waters, the sources of which are in the four caves began about five hundred years ago, and now on these caves is based the entire economy of the city. Ancient legend has it that Santa Cesarea Terme has received the name by name the young girls of Cesarie who escaped from an abusive father and takes refuge in one of the local grottos. There she slipped and died after falling into a pond with hot water. According to another legend, slipped and died just a girl pursuing the father.

Santa Cesarea Terme is a relatively young city. It is literally covered with underground caves, some of which has hot mineral springs, rich in iodine, sulphur, and sodium. The most important are the caves of Faded, Sulfurea, Hattula and Solfatara, by which the city and began to develop the resort business. Only in the 18th century, wealthy citizens and the local aristocracy began to build the residence in Santa Cesarea Terme in the hope of improving their health. Over the centuries luxury villas, palazzos and extravagant cottages have formed a separate city, "lined elegant boulevards, and the old center of Santa Cesarea Terme "decorated" luxury hotels and pensions. Today tourists can admire the original buildings, for example Palazzo Sticchi, built on the rock and damaging its Moorish architecture, or the Villa Raffaella, transformed into prestigious apartments.

The thermal baths are open from may to November, and the temperature of the water now with the help of special devices is regulated at the level of 40ºC. Here you can get treatment for respiratory illnesses, to recover from injuries and stress and to nullify dermatological problems.