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Sarzana: photo description (Sarzana)

Sarzana is a small town near La Spezia, located in the valley of the river Magra on the Ligurian coast of Italy. Within easy reach are the famous villages of Cinque Terre. The location of the town on an important Roman road, the via Francigena has made it the subject of constant disputes between Florence, Genoa and Pisa Republics. Familiarity in Sarzana usually starts with a visit to the fortress and Piazza Matteotti, surrounded by a number of interesting buildings, many of which are now converted into cafes and restaurants.

The most famous attraction in Sarzana is a medieval Fort, which consists of a fortress, Sarzanello, once the Archbishop's Palace, and the fortress Firmafede built by pisacane in that era, when Sarzana was on the border of the Republic of Genoa and possessions of the Medici family. Firmafede fortress surrounded by a deep moat and has a round tower with a courtyard, which you can get into through another yard. The whole structure enclosed by a defensive wall with high towers at the corners. The fortress of Sarzanello, also known as the Castruccio, has a diamond shape composed of two equilateral triangles mapped. One of the triangles facing the city and protected by three corner towers, the second protects access to the fortress. Both parts of the fortress are connected by a bridge.

Of the religious buildings of Sarzana is called Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, built between 1204 and 1474 years in the Romanesque-Gothic style. The façade of the Cathedral is white marble, a remarkable portal with a Gothic window of rosette and topped with battlements that tower. Inside is kept a wooden crucifix, the work of Maestro Guglielmo beginning of the 12th century is considered the oldest crucifix wooden crucifix in the world.

Parish Church of San Andrea is the oldest in Sarzana - it dates from the 10th-11th centuries. The facade of the Church decorated with a portal of the 16th century and is topped by eight-pointed star, known as "Sidus". Also, the city is worth to visit the Church of San Francesco and the chapel of Mercy.

The historic centre of Sarzana is rich in historic palaces built by noble families of the past, for example, the Palazzo Neri with frescoed hall of the Palazzo Magny Griffey is an outstanding example of the classical style of the 18th century, the Palazzo of the Podesta, Luccardi of the 19th century with a roof resembling a temple, and the Palazzo picedi is-Benettini in the late Renaissance style. Noteworthy Ollandini Villa and Villa Karen.