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Sessa Aurunca: photos, description (Sessa Aurunca)

Aurunca Sessa is a municipality in the province of Caserta in the Italian region of Campania. It is located on the southwestern slopes of the volcano Roccamonfina, 40 km from Caserta and 30 km from Formia.

The modern city was founded on the site of the ancient settlement of Suessa Aurunca near the banks of the river Garigliano. And before him, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level on the narrow South-Western tip of the crater of the volcano lay another settlement, from which the ruins of cyclopean buildings.

In 337, the year of the ancient settlement was abandoned, and in 313 the year just to the side was founded the Latin colony Suessa Aurunca. It was one of the few cities that had the right to mint its own coins. Cicero speaks of it as a place that had some importance to it. In Suessa Aurunca even settled some retired government officials of the Roman Empire.

In Sessa Aurunca preserved numerous monuments of Roman architecture, for example, ruins of ancient brick bridge, consisting of 21 arches, fragments of buildings underneath the Church San Benedetto, the ruins of the building under the cloister of San Giovanni, which probably was a public indoor gallery and an amphitheater.

Landmark is the Romanesque Cathedral of the middle Ages. Its construction was started in 1103 the year. Inside the Cathedral has a Central nave and two lateral aisles, the mosaic floor made in the technique of "cosmatesque," and the ambo resting on columns and decorated with mosaics that reflect the influence of Moorish art. Similar style have Easter chandelier and organ. The portal of the Cathedral is decorated with curious statues of saints Peter and Paul.

Popular quarter Sessa Aurunca is Baia Domizia, built as a tourist resort in the 1960-ies. This resort is set among lush Italian Pigna by the sea and a remarkable 7 miles of private beaches. Recently Baia Domizia is one of the best resorts of the Campaign.