/ / The synagogue of Bova Marina: photo, description Sinagoga di Bova Marina)

The synagogue of Bova Marina: photo, description Sinagoga di Bova Marina)

The synagogue of Bova Marina is the second oldest synagogue in Italy (after the synagogue in Ostia and Rome) and one of the oldest in Europe. It is located in the coastal town of Bova Marina in the Italian region of Calabria. The name of the town means "the sea".

Ruins of a synagogue at Bova Marina was discovered in 1983-m to year in the course of road repairs. Inside preserved mosaic floor with images of a menorah menorah, shofar (wind instruments) and lulav (date palm branch) on the right and etrog (kind of citrus) to the left. In addition there are other decorative elements, like the so-called Solomon's knot - one of the oldest ornaments in the world. Here you can see the niche in the wall, which, as you see, once stored the Torah scrolls.

This synagogue was built in the 4th century, and somewhat modified in the 6th century. Archaeologists suggest that it may be the foundations of ancient buildings, but to reach it, you will need to destroy the synagogue. The building is oriented to South-East, made in the form of a Basilica, that is in common with the Byzantine synagogues of the Galilee. Probably its functions, the synagogue has ceased to perform in the 7th century, and the whole area around it was abandoned. Subsequently, there were found numerous artifacts, like the handles of amphorae, and three thousand bronze coins.

In 2011, the year the decision was made to create around the synagogue of Bova Marina archaeological Park of the whole and the opening of the Museum, which will display the discovered Jewish artifacts. For these purposes it has been allocated 600 thousand euros. One of the goals of this project is the development of local tourism, but today Rabbi Barbara Aiello leads a tour group to the ruins of the synagogue. It should be noted also that the Jewish community of Calabria is considered one of the oldest in Europe.