/ / The Hermitage of San Michele: photo description (L'eremo di San Michele)

The Hermitage of San Michele: photo description (L'eremo di San Michele)

The Hermitage of San Michele, standing at a height of 520 meters above sea level in the municipality of Maddaloni, dominates the entire territory of Caserta with its deck offers breathtaking views of the Vesuvius and Gulf of Naples. The legend says that once a shepherd who tended a flock of sheep on the slopes of the mountain, helped a young man to gather stones, and after that his sheep began to give more milk. A young man was none other than the Archangel Michael, and the stones he collected for the construction of the Church.

The first mention of the Hermitage of San Michele Dating from 1113, the year. Next to the Church on two levels is a covered gallery, a terrace, a place for pilgrims and bell tower, built in the early 19th century the Whole complex is designed in the Romanesque style: the facade has five arches, which are the loggia and the window-electrical outlet at the top. In the Central niche you can see the statue of St. Michael the Archangel. Twice a year - in may and September, is held the feast in his honor in may to the Hermitage on foot climb the numerous pilgrims who, after masses are celebrated in a religious procession with the statue of the Saint. The festival animates the fair artichoke, where you can try different dishes prepared with this plant. The pilgrims bring the statue to the city, where it is stored until September, and then it returned to the skete.

The town of Maddaloni lies at the foot of one of the hills of Tifata. Its main attractions apart from the monastery are the medieval castle with towers, antique Palazzo Caraffa belonged to the local Dukes, and the College is named after Giordano Bruno. Also in Maddaloni, you can visit the Museum of old crafts and the peasantry, the town Museum with ancient artifacts, Archaeological Museum of Calatia located in the building of fortified farm of the 16th century, the Gothic Church of Santa Margherita with frescoes of the 15th century, the medieval district Formals and the so-called Ducal Mill. 4 km from Valle di Maddaloni is the Ponte della Valle, an aqueduct built by order of king Charles III and his son.