/ / The family crypt Volumn: photos, description (Ipogeo dei Volumni)

The family crypt Volumn: photos, description (Ipogeo dei Volumni)

The family crypt Volumni Etruscan tomb, located on the outskirts of Ponte San Giovanni, the South-Eastern suburbs of Perugia. The exact date of its creation is unknown, but the crypt is commonly dated to the 3rd century BC.

This Roman-Etruscan tomb is part of a larger necropolis Palazzone (6-5 centuries BC), consisting of 38 underground crypts and tombs, carved directly into the rock, as well as from the collection of urns and other funerary objects. To get into the crypt Volumn - the most famous of all, the steep staircase that leads a few meters into the ground to the gate. Outside the gate is the vestibule, the ceiling of which is decorated and which in turn leads to the four small side chambers and three larger Central. Right of the entrance door is located on the Etruscan inscription, consisting of three vertical lines. It suggests that in the crypt lie the remains of the family Volumni - noble Roman family. In the great hall with a gable roof has three small cameras, burial in cubiculi and tablinum room in the back. The latter is stored in five boxes - one marble and five of white limestone. The oldest and most significant urn, surmounted by a picture of a dead man lying on triclinia, contains the ashes of Arunta Volumni, the head of the family. At the bottom of the urn is carved the images of two immortal deities with wings who guard the gates to Heaven. The crypt Alumni were in use until the 1st century BC and for many centuries was abandoned. It was discovered only in 1840, during the works on reconstruction of street of via Assisana that connects the Porta San Giovanni Perugia.