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The Duomo di Alba: photos, description Duomo di Alba)

Duomo di Alba, also known as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo is the main Catholic Church of the small town of Alba in Piedmont. Located on Piazza del Risorgimento (or Piazza Duomo) in the middle of the cobbled pavements, it bears the name of St. Lawrence.

The first structure on this spot was erected in the 5th century. Later on its ruins there was a Romanesque Church. The present red brick building dates from the first half of the 12th century, probably stands on the site of the sacred buildings of the Roman period. Between the 12th and 15th centuries the Cathedral was rebuilt in the late Gothic style. The next restoration took place in the late 15th century it was held by the Bishop Andrea Novelli, who arrived in Alba in 1484, the year and found the Cathedral in a sad state. And the most ambitious restoration was carried out in 1652, the year since the building was severely damaged during the earthquake 1626, the year when the collapsed vaults of the Central nave. The nave was restored, and has also built two side chapels, dedicated to their Holy Theobald of Provence and Holy Sacraments. In 1867-1878-m years under the leadership of engineer Edorado Mella have changed the appearance of the Cathedral and interior decorations. From the original structure survived the three portals and the crypt.

In 2007-m to year in the chapel of the Cathedral archaeological excavations were conducted, during which was discovered an ancient baptismal font, as well as about 100 graves, mostly of children, dated 16th to 18th centuries. This finding did not surprise archaeologists, because it was commonplace to alter the baptistery in the place of burial.

Attraction of the Cathedral is the carved wooden seats in the choir for the clergy and choristers, made in 1512, the year of Bernardino Fossati, they consist of two semicircular rows with 35 chairs. In the centre is the seat of the Bishop. It is noteworthy that the seats are made of different wood species that creates a variety of color nuances.