/ / The Cathedral in the Square of Miracles: the photo description (Duomo di Pisa)

The Cathedral in the Square of Miracles: the photo description (Duomo di Pisa)

Cathedral ensemble Square of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) has no equal in the world. Three buildings of sparkling white marble located in the centre of the city, emerald-green, perfectly manicured meadow. In the center stands the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, famous for its size; in the West it is a beautiful baptistery, and to the left stands the famous bell tower, known in the history of art called the "leaning tower".

The architectural ensemble of Cathedral, baptistery and the tower was built nearly 300 years. He has a surprising unity of style, despite clearly expressed the individuality of each component. They merged the duplicate rows of arched galleries and rounded top Windows. The Cathedral is considered as the dominant of the ensemble; the tower and baptistry are designed to complement, but not overshadow it.

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1080-ies, led by the architect, Buscheto. By this time the city has become a school for artists and builders, who came to Pisa from all over Italy to improve his art. So talented artists for the project was enough. Construction progressed rapidly, and by 1150 the building of the Cathedral was completed.

At the core of the Cathedral is popular in Ancient Rome Basilica. In the Eastern part there is a semicircular apse. Such apses to end a three-aisled transepts, and chancel and the nave have each side by two lateral naves. The Western facade is the main accent in the outer appearance of the Cathedral. Over the three doorways rise four tiers column galleries. The Western facade symmetry reminiscent of Greek temples. However, the reliefs of the bronze gate on religious subjects and the sculpture "virgin and child" from the tower to neutralize the pagan Parallels.

The dark interior contrasts with the gleaming white Cathedral on the outside. Simple columns with carved capitals are raised to an arcade, which combines five neighboring arches of stone in contrasting colors. The walls of the nave through the masonry in the form of horizontal strips of colored marble seem to be devoid of gravity. To a similar reception was frequently used by the Tuscan master. Wooden ceiling of the nave is quite low, and this creates in the temple of twilight, softening the coldness of the stone.

The chair of the Cathedral works of Giovanni Pisano - Pisa masterpiece sculptures of the XIV century. The reliefs with scenes from the New Testament, of the Childhood and passion of Christ, the last judgment was executed in the years 1302-1310. Composition separated from each other by figures of Prophets and Sibyls.