/ / The Church of Santo Spirito: pictures, description Duomo di Santo Spirito)

The Church of Santo Spirito: pictures, description Duomo di Santo Spirito)

The Cathedral of Ravenna Santo Spirito is close to the baptistry of neon built in the late 5th century. The Cathedral itself was built early in the same 5th century on the initiative of the local Bishop URSA and was known as Arsenova Basilica. He was dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ. Unfortunately, from the first constructions have reached us only some small fragments, which are now on display at the Archiepiscopal Museum of Ravenna. By the early 18th century, the building had fallen into complete disrepair, and in 1733, the year it was demolished - was left untouched just round the bell tower of the 10th century. At the same place of the old Cathedral began construction of a new - on his project architect from Rimini Gian Francesco Buonamici. Already in 1749, the year the new Cathedral of Ravenna, was consecrated in honor of the Holy spirit, Santo Spirito.

The current Church building is decorated with a portico with three arches, where you can see four columns remaining from the original Cathedral. Next high pillar is the statue of the virgin Mary. Inside the Cathedral consists of three naves, in which are stored numerous monuments of early Christian art - sarcophagi, the ancient pulpit, decorative panels, etc. In the right side aisle of the chapel can be seen in the Baroque style Santa Maria del Suore, where is the icon of the virgin Mary. In one of the above-mentioned sarcophagi of the 5th century burial site of the Bishop of Ravenna, Rinaldo Yes, Concorrezzo (this sarcophagus is decorated with the image of Christ with the gospel in hand and the images of the apostles Peter and Paul) and the other relics of the Saint Barbarian.