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Sauze d'oulx: photo description (Sauze d'oulx)

Sauze d'oulx lies at an altitude of 1510 meters above sea level surrounded by mountain peaks, Triple, Bourget and Geneva, is not only a popular ski resort suitable for practicing various winter sports, but also a well-known summer resort, attracting tourists for its scenery. Often this small town is called the "balcony of the Alps".

The history of Sauze d'oulx is closely connected with the history of the whole Val di Susa. Here were the legions of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, vast ready, the troops of Lombards, and the Burgundians. This whole area, which was part of the so-called Dopunskih possessions, in 1343, the year was transferred to France, and in 1713-the year of the Treaty of Utrecht, passed to the Savoy dynasty. Here was the headquarters of the French army during the battle of Assietta in the middle of the 18th century, and all the dead in that battle were buried at a place later dubbed the Las Fossas.

The name of the town of Sauze d'oulx - it was "Latinized" by order of Mussolini, and began to sound like a Salice d Ultio, but after the Second World war the original name once again became official. With the fading of agriculture, which began in the 1960-ies, Sauze d'oulx has gradually developed into a tourist resort-oriented skiing. Today it is one of the most popular ski resorts of Val di SUSY, and its slopes and from a technical point of view are among the best in the world! In total there are more than 400 km of pistes and 92 lifts works. The town has a well-developed tourist infrastructure built good hotels and Alpine refuges, restaurants and bars, serving local cuisine created conditions for a family holiday.

In the summer, Sauze d'oulx to the city tourists are attracted by the fascinating scenery and mild climate. In the warmer months you can go Hiking in the surrounding mountains, horseback riding, fishing in local rivers and lakes or enjoy a game of tennis or Golf. Gourmets will love tasting the local mountain cheese, venison and other delicacies.

We should say about "Stazione Sperimentale Vittorio Mezzani", organized in 1931, the year Professor Vittorio Vezzani. Today here at the altitude from 1700 to 2000 meters in the area of 82 hectares cultivated strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, medicinal plants and herbs. Here are bred cattle, sheep, rabbits and pigs. And it produces delicious mountain cheese and other quality products.