/ / Pine forest Class: photos, description (Classe Pinewood)

Pine forest Class: photos, description (Classe Pinewood)

Pine forest the Class is an old and charming extensive forest, stretching along the Adriatic coast South of Ravenna on three thousand hectares. the Class is an ancient district of Ravenna, where the ancient Romans founded the port's docks to build and repair the ships of the fleet. This port and today leaves a feeling of the fact that in those days he was surrounded by a pine forest.

A typical Mediterranean vegetation surrounded on all sides by centuries-old pine forest - here you can see the Heather, wild rose hips, evening primrose medicinal, madder, Pistacia lentiscus, sarsaparilla, etc. Shrubs and small periwinkle wolf Lavrik, asparagus and common Privet, ash and German medlar. And under trees and shrubs, many grow... mushrooms and wild orchids. Enjoy this lush vegetation while walking or Cycling trails in the forest.

Very diverse bird Kingdom of the pine groves: in the trees, nesting warblers, Robins, finches, black-headed, grey and mountain warblers, blackbirds, thrushes, mistle thrushes and many mockingbirds. Here and there you can hear the woodpeckers and the songs of various songbirds. And soar above the ordinary prey of the tawny owl, brownies owls and falcons.

Pine forest of Ravenna is an amazing place with a long history, study which can be together with his problems and actions taken to resolve them, is primarily for the protection of the rich diversity of local wildlife.