/ / Wall Medici: photo description (Mura di Grosseto)

Wall Medici: photo description (Mura di Grosseto)

The wall of the Medici, part of the defensive system of the historic centre of Grosseto, one of the most well-preserved city walls in Italy. Ancient walls surrounded Grozny in the 12-14th centuries. They have repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, yet during the reign of the Medici dynasty in their place was erected a defensive system consisting of hexagonal walls and several bastions. Construction was started in 1574, the year on the orders of Francesco I de ' Medici, and on the draft of the walls of the architect, Baldassare Lunches. For large-scale project required a large number of workers - to resolve this problem was issued a special decree, according to which each prison of Tuscany supplied the prisoners at the construction site. The work was completed 19 years later under Ferdinando I. In the same years was built underground cistern to collect rainwater.

At each corner of the hexagonal designs built the impressive five-sided Bastion, outstanding out in the shape of an arrow. The ancient citadel Cassero Senese is protected by a defensive wall, facing the inside of the city. At the top of the ramparts you can see the ruins of the guard room. Galleries, storage rooms, various niches and recesses has retained its original appearance, creating a fortress with its narrow staircases and tiled floors the ambience of former times. Until 1757, the year the external part of the Walls of the Medici was surrounded by a moat, and in addition to several small doorways in it there were two main gates: one in the North - Porta Nuova, the second in the South Port, Vecchia, formerly known as Port Real.

Today, the Wall Medici turned into a city Park. This transformation is the result of the policies of Leopold II, who in 1855 year, ordered to carry some military towers and military barracks, depriving the fortress of its warlike appearance. And during the Second World war had destroyed one of the last sentry boxes known as Casino delle Palle, and decorated with frescoes. The only extant guard booth located at the Bastion of Santa Lucia and Bastion Vittoria.