/ / The Massimo Bellini theatre: photos, description (Teatro Massimo Bellini)

The Massimo Bellini theatre: photos, description (Teatro Massimo Bellini)

The Teatro Massimo Bellini Opera house in Catania is named after the native city of the great composer Vincenzo Bellini.

In the early 18th century there was talk about the construction of the theater in Catania - the city barely begun to rebound after the terrible earthquake of 1693 that destroyed most of its buildings. However, the final decision to build was made only a hundred years later, in 1812. An architect was appointed Salvatore Zara Buda, which was chosen for the new theatre space on the Piazza Novalue near the monastery of Santa Maria di Novalue. He planned to build a really Grand building, which was to become one of the most luxurious in Italy. But due to unexpected problems with financing the project had to "freeze" instead of the pompous scenes in the same place in 1822 he built a small municipal theatre, which was destroyed during the Second World war.

In 1870, the authorities of Catania reminded of the grandiose plans of the architect of Buda and decided to bring them to life. Began the search for a new place for the construction of the theatre, and will soon work under the direction of architect Carlo Garden started. However, they also continued with interruptions and disruptions due to lack of funding. Only may 31, 1890, a solemn opening of the theatre, which that evening was given to "Norm" the Bellini.

The theater building is in harmony with adjacent buildings, built in the late 17th century in Sicilian Baroque style. The auditorium accommodates up to 1,200 people, which can accommodate up to 4 tiers of loggias. Luxuriously decorated lobby made of marble and the Central arch is a statue of the famous composer Vincenzo Bellini. The ceiling of the main hall, painted with scenes from four of his most famous operas, was produced at the audience create a lasting impression in the late 19th century and today.

For more than centenary history of existence of the theatre on the stage were staged all the operas of Bellini. In 1951, 1952 and 1953 here in the role of Norms was made by the great Maria Callas. And in 2001 to the 200-year anniversary of the Bellini theatre was renovated, which took about $ 2 million.