/ / Textile Museum: photos, description (Museo del Tessuto)

Textile Museum: photos, description (Museo del Tessuto)

The textile Museum in Prato originates in the handicraft settlement of the Middle ages, which is alive today and still keeps his loyalty to the textile industry. Now this is the first Museum entirely dedicated to the art and technique of spinning fabrics. It contains exhibits of great value, both from the point of view of quality and from the point of view of the diversity of the collections.

The Museum was opened in 1975 year on the basis of the collection collected by Loriano Bertini (over 600 exhibits) and donated to the city. In the future the Museum's collection has expanded through public and private donations, and today its walls kept more than six thousand tissue samples from around the world that date back from the 5th century BC until the present day.

Among the founders of the Museum collections - the municipality of Prato, the Association of graduates of the Institute Buzzi, Technological Institute "Tullio Buzzi", Department for the promotion of tourism and various trade organizations.

Among the exhibits of the Museum of textiles - vintage fabrics, made in different techniques, whole and fragments, created for secular, religious, or ornamental use. There is also a section devoted to contemporary textiles and created in the framework of the agreement between the Museum and local producers to preserve and disseminate the legacy of the textile industry of Prato.

In addition to the tissue samples in the Museum displays machinery and equipment used in the weaving process Italian factories, including some that are quite creative and unusual for its time. Finally, part of the Museum is devoted to exhibits pertaining to the chemical technology of dyeing fabrics of the late 19th - first half of the 20th centuries.