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Terzolas: photos, description (Terzolas)

Terzolas - an ancient village situated on the southern slopes of Monte Nail (2431 m). It is an important agricultural center of Val di sole and its numerous nurseries and gardens are part of the Melinda consortium. Terzolas is also famous for its cheeses, the tradition of cooking which originated in ancient times. Founded in 1971, the year of the cheese "Flights" supplies its products to the entire lower part of Val di sole and Val di Rabbi.

Archaeological excavations in the vicinity of Terzolas in 1935-m to year, confirmed the assumption of scientists that these places were inhabited by man since ancient times. This is confirmed by the name of the town that have Latin roots. Several bronze coins, found here, saying the presence of the Romans. The first documentary evidence of Terzolas belong to the 13th century. Then this city was the residence of many noble families - Ferrari, Gripenberg, Malanotte who built luxury homes here, and to this day adorns the center of Terzolas. They say that in 1516, the year the town was honored by the visit of the Emperor Maximilian I. After many centuries of self Terzolas in the Napoleonic era was annexed to the municipality of malé and only in 1952 year, regained its independence.

In the center of Terzolas on the North side of the main square stands the Palazzo della Toracica (Casa Malanotti) - a fine example of an aristocratic residence of the late Renaissance. It is a combination of a small fortified castle with battlements, arquebus and embrasures on the façade of the actual Palace, with its elegant arched Windows and Gothic elements. The portal of the façade in the Renaissance style. The Palazzo was built between 1573 and 1579 years on the orders of Francesco Angler. In 1645, the year the building was partially destroyed and later enlarged and re-decorated at the initiative of Carlo Malanotti. He ordered to paint a room on the second floor frescoes depicting satyrs, plants, cupids and family crosses. In the 1980-ies, Palazzo della Torassa was restored and today it houses city hall and a historic library research center of Val di sole.

Also Terzolas noteworthy is the Church of San nicolò, which 1794-1800, respectively, on its own initiative, was rebuilt by local craftsman. Retaining the medieval apse, turned to the sacristy, and the historic bell tower with a brick spire and arched Windows, he built a Church in the Baroque style. Inside, the Church has a single nave and five marble altars and paintings of the 17th-19th centuries, with frescoes and a wooden statue of the blessed virgin Mary.

At the end of Terzolas, in the direction of malè, it is possible to see Capuchin convent, standing in a very picturesque place. It was built in 1896 year, together with the adjacent sacred Heart Church, cloister and living quarters for the novices.