/ / Tyrol castle: photos, description (Castel Tirolo)

Tyrol castle: photos, description (Castel Tirolo)

Tyrolean castle, located near the town of Merano in the Dolomites, was once the ancestral estate of the counts of Tyrol and later gave name to the whole Italian South Tyrol.

The hill on which the castle stands was inhabited since antiquity, as evidenced by discovered some artifacts and burial of the early Middle ages. Archaeologists also excavated a Church with three apses Dating from the early Christian period.

The first castle was built in the year 1100. The second phase of construction was carried out in 1139-1140 years - then was attached to the main tower. Finally, in the second half of the 13th century by order of count Meinhard II was carried out some construction work. Until 1420 the castle was the residence of the rulers of Tyrol, then Duke Frederick IV, nicknamed the Empty Pocket it suffered in Austrian Innsbruck.

In the 18th century part of the castle collapsed into the sheer gorge Castegren, but the building itself was sold to be used as a quarry. However, in the 19th century the old castle was restored (main donjon was rebuilt in 1904). Taking into account works of art in the castle - the frescoes in the chapel and two Romanesque portal and an elegant marble sculptures depicting mythological characters and geometrical ornaments, and it was decided to preserve this architectural monument. Today it is a Museum of the history of South Tyrol. And next to the castle there is a falconry, in which birds are grown to participate in falconry.