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Torrazzo: photos, description (Torrazzo)

Torrazzo - the bell tower of the Cremona Cathedral, which is considered the third highest (112,7 m) brick tower in the world (first place belongs to the Church of St. Martin in Bavaria and the second Church of the blessed virgin Mary in Bruges, Belgium). Thus, Torrazzo, built in 1309, the year older and the Bavarian steeple, which was completed in 1500, and the Belgian, built in 1465, the year. In addition, the world's oldest surviving brick structure taller than 100 meters.

According to legend, the construction of Terrazzo began in the 754th year, however it has been determined that the construction of the bell tower was in four stages. The first was started in 1230-ies, the second was held in 1250-1267-m respectively, and the third took place in about 1284, the year, and completed the construction of the hoisting of the marble spire in 1309, the year. The height of the tower displayed on a special plaque placed on the wall at the base of Torrazzo - old Lombard the measurement system it was equal to approximately 111 metres.

During the archaeological excavations of the 1980-ies, it was discovered underground structure, which is probably the remains of a more ancient Church yard (cemetery or Church) or even Roman buildings.

Torrazzo located on the world's largest astronomical clock. This mechanism was made by Francesco and Giovanni Battista Diviziyi (father and son) between 1583 and 1588 years. The bell tower itself was painted Paolo Scazzola in 1483, the year and later was several times decorated again. Today it is possible to see a picture of the sky with signs of the zodiac, Sun and Moon.