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Torre di ligny: photos, description (Torre di Ligny)

Torre di ligny is one of the main attractions of Trapani, which has become a symbol of the city. This tower, which is a ancient castle and is located on the westernmost tip of Cape Trapani between the Tyrrhenian sea and the Sicilian Strait.

Torre di ligny was built in 1671 by order of the chief captain of the Kingdom of Sicily, the don Claudio La Moraldo, Prince of ligny (or Line), during the Spanish domination on the island. The tower stands on the rocks that form a continuation of the narrow braids of the ancient city, called in ancient times, Pietra Palazzo. On the project of Torre di ligny architect Carlos de Grunenberg: he built a square tower, tapering upward, were fitted with four witness marks and stone lanterns.

The main function of the fortified Torre di ligny was defense against the Berber pirates, the attackers often on the coastal towns of Sicily and ravaged them. In 1806, a passage connecting the tower with the city was made pedestrian and accessible to the public. Until 1861 on the roof were installed a firearm, and during the Second World war it was used by the Navy as anti-aircraft firing position. In 1979, the old Fort was restored and opened for tourists.

Since 1983, in the Torre di ligny houses a Museum of prehistoric times, on the ground floor which presents prehistoric finds from the territory of Trapani, and the second contains exhibits relating to marine archaeology, - amphorae, anchors, jewelry ancient Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians, raised from the bottom of the sea. One of the most interesting items is the helmet shell, Dating from the mid 3rd century BC and Visitors can climb to the roof of the Torre di ligny, to admire the wonderful views of the Bay Trapai and mount Erice.